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In today’s digital landscape, a strong online presence is critical to the success of your business. OpinStar is not just a service provider, but your trusted partner on the path to an irresistible online presence that magically attracts customers.

Secure top ratings where it counts

OpinStar makes it easy for you to collect up to 20% more positive reviews exactly where it matters most for your business. If a negative review does appear, we make sure it stays private. This allows you to react before it becomes public. This allows you to optimize your service and protect your online reputation.

Why OpinStar?

Increase in turnover:

Studies show that companies with constant and positive ratings can increase their turnover by up to 18%. OpinStar catapults your company to new sales heights.

Increased visibility:

With OpinStar you will appear higher up in the search results of Google and other platforms.


OpinStar automates the collection of customer opinions so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

Feedback management:

Easily collect feedback via WhatsApp, email, QR codes and the latest NFC technology to strengthen your online image.

Proactive problem solving:

OpinStar allows you to identify and solve potential problems at an early stage. Negative reviews come to you first and therefore remain private.

Your advantages with OpinStar:

Increase visibility:

Gain new customers through an improved online presence without additional advertising costs.

Reputation protection:

Respond effectively to negative feedback to protect and improve your reputation.

Maintain an overview:

Manage and respond to reviews from over 80 platforms centrally.

Automated responses:

Make a positive impression on potential customers by responding to reviews – automatically if you want with our AI, which generates personalized responses for you.

AI (Artificial Intelligence):

Save up to 90% of your time by using AI to answer reviews.

Customer loyalty:

Strengthen the trust and loyalty of your customers by sharing positive reviews on social media.

Uniqueness of OpinStar:

More positive reviews:

Get up to 20% more positive reviews by simply inviting your customers.

Increase sales:

More good reviews = more customers. Increase your customer conversions by up to 270% by displaying positive reviews on your website.

Protect your reputation:

Keep negative reviews private and use them as valuable feedback to improve your service.

Start now with OpinStar and make the difference.

Make your company a beacon in the digital sea – with OpinStar. OpinStar is available in up to twenty languages and can be seamlessly adapted to the needs of your company. Get started with OpinStar and experience how your company not only becomes more visible in the digital world but also more desirable. Your company deserves to be the first choice on the Internet – OpinStar makes it possible.